Date of introduction: 1962

Type: Reel-to-Reel Tape Drive

Recording Tracks: 7 (Data: 6bit, Parity: 1bit)

Recording Types: NRZ1 (Non-Return to Zero - change on Ones)

Recording Densities: 200, 556, 800 frames per inch

Tape Speed: 75 inches per second

Power requirements: 208V, 60Hz, three-phase, 15amps

Dimensions: Height: 183cm (72"), Width: 71cm (28"), Depth: 89cm (35")

Weight: 544kg (1200pounds)


To be described

The tape drive is awaiting restauration. It definitely lacks all logic boards :( Otherwise, nothing obvious seems to be missing. How can help me out with technical manuals of the drive to figure out a list of missing boards. Hints on where to obtain spare boards would be great! Any contact regarding this is greatly appreciated!

More pictures of the Control Data 604 Tape Transport:

604 with person To get a feeling for the serious sizes of the drive, my friend Patrick posed next to it in this picture.
The rear view of the drive with opened rear doors. The black logic backplane is well distinguishable, as all logic boards were taken out. Below the tape logic is located the power supply which is mounted on slides for better accessibility during service.
604 rear view
panel Front operator control panel of the tape drive.
This is very likely the vacuum pump of the drive.
vacuum pump
Pressure gauge.