Reviewed the content of the website welcome page.


Added two new sections: "Stories about hauls and visits" and "Electronics test equipment". The former is empty for now, but for latter, I started by adding a page about my Tektronix 545 oscilloscope and described how I fixed it.


Updated the disclaimer and data protection statement. Added new sections "electronics test equipment" and "stories about hauls and visits". No content, yet.


Created a page about the Control Data BR3C9 Disk Drive Unit.


Pictures and very brief information about the historical Control Data 854 Disk Storage Drive added.


Pictures and information about the historical Control Data 841 Multiple Disk Drive added.


Created a template with a picture of a VAXserver 3400 that is mounted in a rackmount BA212 enclosure.


A new page about the Disk Exerciser and Diagnostic Unit ( DEDU ) made by Information Storage Systems (ISS) that later became part of Sperry Univac was added with lots of photos. A plan to add more of these peripheral-related tools to the webpage in future.


The VAX 4000-300 that hosted this website between March 2012 and Octobre 2014 is now back online! A million thanks to Bernd Ulmann who was so generous of hosting digitalheritage.de on FASOLT during the downtime of my VAX.


I have so little time due to my Ph.D. project since more than a year, that i barely find the time to update these pages! Finally added a separate "Peripherals" section in addition to the computer systems collection and inaugurated it with a page about the Control Data 604 Tape Drive. A detailed description of images and the story are missing, yet. Content of "webserver" and "contact" pages updated.


Due to a move of my apartment with my computing equipment, digitalheritage.de is now kindly hosted on FASOLT, an Alphaserver DS20 run by Bernd Ulmann, until my VAX 4000-300 finds a new place to host the website.
Added (rather old) pictures of the VAX 6000-310.
Further pictures of the PDP-11/73 and descriptions added.


Rewrote the story about my first VAX, the VAX 4000-200, with a lot more technical details.


Restructured the Cobalt Qube2 page.


Revised the VAX4000-300 page and arranged text and images using a table.


Donators page added.


Described theimages of the DEC Alpha 3000-300 workstation.


Pictures of the Sequent Symmetry 2000/290 uploaded.


Added information about the SUN Sparcstation IPX


Added a picture to the VAX4000-200 page and updated the story of the VAX.


Rearranged the website using html-frames, making the addition of new information easier for me.


Reviewed the configuration files of the WASD webserver installed on my VAX 4000-300. It now works ! The website is now hosted on a VAX !


Started to write the story behind my SUN SPARCstation IPX. Technical details and pictures will follow.


The webserver has been offline for a couple of days, because one of the three main fans failed. The system is up and running again after a successful fan replacement.


Pictures added to the Silicon Graphics "Origin 2000", "Origin 200" and "PowerChallenge 10000" pages. Descriptions and stories yet to come.


Added detailed pictures and descriptions of the VAX 4000-300 page.


The website was down for 4 months. I tried to migrate the site to the VAX4000-300, but couldn't convince WASD to display the site, probably due to permission issues. Anyway, it's not solved, yet, so I decided to re-host it on my Alphaserver 4100.


Inserted images and information about the PDP 11/24. Updated the Cobalt Qube2 section.


After a successful test run of one week, the website has been officially put online on a DEC Alphaserver 4100 running WASD 9.3.