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A Philips P3200, which was my very first computer, focused my interest for old computer systems. The P3200 was already antique, when my father got it offered by a colleague and brought it home. Mechanically and electrically, this system was rather over-engineered. It was very heavy, equipped with an enormous mainboard and did hold an Intel 286 processor. (working at 6 MHz). The power supply could provide 720 Watts and the 5V rail was attached by two screws (!) on the mainboard. A Miniscribe 6032 harddisk was mounted inside the chassis and had quite a raw appearance (5,25" full height).

I started off my interest in collecting small systems having sizes of personal computers. With time my focus was spotted on other architectures than the Microsoft/Intel stuff. Fortunately, ebay made it possible for me to obtain my first larger computing system (a PDP 11/73 in a two-19"-cabinet-configuration) in late 2001.

A lot of machines, I try to provide a good home for, are from DEC (Digital Equipment Corp), as their architectures were very inovative and the systems well-designed. Furthermore, lots of other collectors are interested in DEC computer systems, which has the advantage of having access to a lot of information (documentation, schematics, personal experience) about them.

Due to my huge interest in peripherals, in particular early hard disk- and tape systems, separate sections for these is planned on this website, but are still under construction.