Date of Production: 1992-1994

CPU Type: SuperSPARC I 50 MHZ (SM50)

Number of processors installed: 1

Max. number of processors: 2

Random access memory: ??

Max. ranom access memory: 512MB


"TEMF" stands for "Theorie elektromagnetischer Felder", which means in english "Theorie of electro-magnectic fields". That is the name of insitute of my university where I studied. One can guess, that these machines had been used for simulation purposes. This workstation came with a standard 1 Gig harddrive and a TurboGX framebuffer. Graphics application and multi-processing power was the strenght of SPARCstations, not to mention their reliability. A perfect environment...

This unit has not been tested, yet.

More pictures of the SparcStation 10: