The VAX 7000 series were the fastest VAXen ever produced by DEC. Furthermore, the 7000 series were the last ones designed for the datacenter-oriented field.


Date of Production: 1992


Number of processors installed: 2

Max. number of processors: 6

Random access memory: 1 GB

Max. random access memory: 3,5 GB

Internal IO Bandwidth: 640 MB/s



More Pictures of the VAX 7000-620:

VAX-7000-620_open-top On the upper left side can be seen the CPU and Memory module cardcage, which is cloed with a sort of metall plate.
The right hand side holds the power supply units. Currently, two of three maximum possible units are installed.
Above the Power supplies are situated the power switch and the connector for a console terminal.
The black part on the lower side is the blower! Yeah, that's a big one :-)
VAX7000-620_open-XMI The last picture shows the XMI card cage. Expansion cards are situated in this box. Over expansion boxes can be installed. Another one would fit on the right hand side