Date of Production: 1977

CPU Type: KD11-D, 16bit, CISC

System bus: UNIBUS

Random access memory: 16kB

Max. random access memory (without UNIBUS I/O device registers):: 56kB

Serial Number:






Quite often, PDP computing systems were used within measuring environments in order to process aquisitioned data. Same for that PDP 11/04, which had been used with a RX01 floppy disk subsystem. This PDP is equiped with 16kB of core memory and some A/D boards, which were connected to measuring boards housed in another rack. The unit was given to me by an institute of the univerity were I studied. They stored a second PDP 11/04 with a similar configuration for spare purposes.

This PDP hasn't been tested, yet, but was known to work when used the last time within the institute.

More Pictures of the PDP 11/04: