The PDP 11/03 was the first Q-bus based PDP 11.

Date of Production: 1976

CPU Type: PDP 11/03

Random access memory: ??

Max. ranom access memory: ??

Internal IO Bandwidth: ??


This PDP 11/03 was given to me by a former Digital employee, who originally wanted to build up a Q-bus museum (that's how he called it). Several LSI 11/02 boards (the quad-wide CPU-board with memory and Boot-ROMs) and PDP 11/03 boards (double-wide CPU-Board without RAM and Boot-ROMs) boards are in my posession, but a DEC 11/03 chassis had always been missing - until I got this one.

This unit has not been tested, yet.

More Pictures of the PDP 11/03: